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Digital Humanities

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🇫🇷 Comprendre le numérique pour pouvoir le critiquer et le transformer.

Acteur indépendant (et militant) d'une certaine éducation au numérique, et d'un numérique alternatif. Enseignant et formateur de culture(s) numérique(s).

Membre @resnumerica & @LeMoutonNumerique
🇬🇧 Understanding digital tech to be able to criticize and transform them.

Indie consultant. Digital litteracy and digital culture professor and trainer.


Non-English staff at Stanford. founder, Association for Computers & the Humanities co-President, co-founder.

Likes textiles / sewing, youth literature, writing about interesting failures.

Non-binary / any pronouns, prefers gender-neutral nouns.

@quinnanya on Twitter.


sie/ihr: Claudia Frick, Gamerin, Nerd, Professorin, Bibliothekarin, Meteorologin. Liefert 🌈🦄🐶🐼🦙🍞🥒 Forscht dazu wie Wissenschaft kommuniziert. Ist hier als ganzer Mensch. Bitte Fuzzy und Du. :bisexual_flag: :pansexual_flag: :asexual_flag: Q2310145 + Q182436 = Q109279222


✨ critical inquiry with & about data, methods, infrastructures

🐼 senior lecturer @kingsdh king's college london; cofounder @publicdatalab; research associate +

🏮 客家人 / hakka

☁️ posts emptied semi-regularly. please fill in bio before following.



Mental Health Advocate, Journalist, Nerd, Bestselling Author of So-Called Normal: A Memoir of Family, Depression and Resilience

Currently studying a Master of Journalism at Toronto Metropolitan University, and Cognitive Psychology at Cambridge University.

Previously did a B.A. (Hons) in Psychology and Philosophy, and an M.S. in Child Development.

Bylines have included CNN, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, CNBC, Toronto Star and more

🌟 🌟


Associate Professor of Film & Media Studies and of Comparative Literature in the Digital Humanities and Social Engagement cluster at Dartmouth.

Formerly Associate Professor of Secondary & Higher Ed and of English at Salem State.

I edit Reviews in Digital Humanities, host the Rocking the Academy podcast, serve as Higher Ed Editor for Public Books, and am PI of the Digital Ethnic Futures Consortium.


Professor of Anthropology and Social Informatics at Indiana University South Bend. PI of Digital Index of North American Archaeology (DINAA). 


All communications here are mine, do not reflect my organizations.


Dir. Canadian Studies UofT. Children's data privacy, DIgital Humanities & Social Sciences / DHSS. Digital/ geolocative /interactive storytelling, video games & game studies.
Cities / mapping hidden histories.
Speculative design & fiction. Life Design Educator. 
Playing w MidJourney & w AI gen texts, Bitsy, Twine.
@sioflynn & ruefully still @sioflynn on Twit


Professor of English at the University of Maryland, though I speak only for myself here. Author of three books. Main interests are book history (letterpress to digital) and media studies, especially what the cool kids call media archaeology. Here you’ll also find tabletop gaming, cats, cooking, and sometimes some of my politics. Google for the rest . . .


Forschungsbibliothekarin für Ostasienwissenschaften @Universitätsbibliothek, Freie Universität Berlin 
Research Librarian for East Asian Studies at the university library of Freie Universität Berlin

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A self-submitted Google Sheet list of people interested in digital humanities.

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