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I'm Chris Paton, an Irish/Scottish genealogist from Carrickfergus, now based Ayrshire, author, blogger (Scottish GENES: Genealogy News & Events PharosTutors tutor, member of Association of Professional Genealogists (& its eNews editor), a story addict, & an ex-BBC/STV documentary maker. Gàidhlig learner - 'S fheàrr Gàidhlig bhriste na Gàidhlig sa chiste! (Cleachd i no caill i!)
It has to be Laphroaig or Black Bush - & Troughton was the best Doctor!


Taught business, technology, and sociology at the college level for over 20 years, then worked as an instructional designer for many more. For the past few years, my husband and I have been full-time RVers with our little Boston Terrier, Cisco, traveling to wonderful places and visiting family. So happy to finally have the time to pursue my passion:


Pro & at Khronicle, researcher, creator, Oxford DPhil (SysBio). Former cancer researcher, permanent fiend.


Avid researcher, gardener, reader, grandma & genealogist. Happily married more than a 1/2 century! Author of Beginner's Guide to Genetic Genealogy. Political. Website where you can find The Beginner's Guide to Genetic Genealogy (free) and my blog Many interests from history to maps, DNA to photography. List of &


Researching ancestry since 1984. PG Cert Genealogy University of Strathclyde. Biographer of Abraham Adcock - Handel's trumpeter. 'Recording the Nations' (enumerators) for P&S publ. Not just Genealogy. Wokey Left. Creator of the ' Directory (of genealogists and family historians on Mastodon) -


Historical researcher & pro genealogist originally trained in anthropology & archaeology. Grad student (AKA postgraduate) at Uni of Strathclyde. A few of my many research interests: slavery in the northern colonies/U.S., early modern era, women's history, African-American history, genocide.

Traveling, art history, gardening, human rights, climate change, early music, photography, vegetarian, historical fiction, fantasy & sci fi, finding turkeys in Renaissance art. :progress_pride: (she/her)


I am a professional genealogist from Denmark. My interest in genealogy began in 1995 when I was 17 years old, and I have been doing family research since.

I love helping others identify their Danish ancestors, so in 2013, I turned my passion into my profession.
In May 2022, I reached a milestone when I was awarded the Certified Genealogist® credential.

I am on social media to share my knowledge of genealogy and to connect with other genealogists of all skill-levels.


+ + .

Searcher and multipotentialite. Trying to learn and start too many things at once.

Building Suitcase Genealogist, Ancestours and No-Code Genealogy.

Gimme allll your pet photos. She/Her.


Keen family historian, erratic blogger (sorry I don't write more) and occasional podcast guest. Also Mum, wife and full-time public servant of 30 years and counting. Fuelled alternatively by coffee and wine.

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