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Media Studies

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Art major turned law professor. Teaching , & at .

Researching & writing about .

Coauthor of Patent Law: An Open-Access Casebook

When I'm not thinking about law, I'm usually studying languages (currently Spanish and French), reading novels, or watching Netflix.


Senior Researcher at Data & Society Research Institute. Visiting Fellow at DLI Cornell Tech. Future Assistant Prof at Duke Sanford. PhD from Rutgers.
 Platform governance, media policy, mom. 

My tweets were often called “very relatable.”


I'm a computer science professor at Princeton. I write about AI hype & harms, tech platforms, algorithmic bias, and the surveillance economy.

I've been studying decentralized social media since the late 2000s, so I'm excited to use and write about Mastodon at the same time.

Check out this symposium on algorithmic amplification that I'm co-organizing:


Professor, researcher, writer, teacher. I care about , , , the state of the world. I like animals and and games (; ; ). On the internet since 1993. Mac user since they came out. I like old computers and OSes. I love .

Los Angeles/Tovangaar-based white settler. Gay lady.

I wrote an entire book on content moderation called Behind the Screen. Now might be an interesting time to read it.


in the main, scholar of critical : (~ anthro geog envhist ?)


often nattering on: magpie, inner monologue, , books/reading, ,

speaking of books, OIL BEACH is out now:

header: camel made of colorful post-consumer plastic, by Cynthia Minet

profile: vintage postcard of California oil field at night (cropped)


Assistant professor at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism, University of Maryland » Interests include media, race, and democracy; journalism history; and journalism and social equity » Aficionado of Stereolab, the weather, and stationery stores » Previous stops include the Brookings Institution and the National Weather Service


I am a biology professor at the University of Washington. I study how information flows in biology, science, and society.

I wrote a book: *Calling Bullshit*:

I love ravens and crows.



👩‍🏫 Media studies professor, University of Bergen

📱Current research: Doomscrolling, news avoidance, media and technologies in everyday life

📚 Interested in: Audiences, datafication, democracy, climate change, qualitative methods


Professor of media innovation at Tallinn University. I study media change, value creation, datafication, decentralisation, media policies and the semiosphere. I do cultural semiotics and institutionalist/evolutionary economics and love my everyday challenge of working with data scientists.


formerly @irwin on Twitter, , , future of (and tangentially ), Design Lead at Journalism + Design at The New School, (tmonkey718 on & lichess). Also more. Born in Nashville. do or die.

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