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Law professor, Drexel University • Visiting professor, Yale Law School • Visiting fellow, Yale Information Society Project • NYC Bar Association Rule of Law Task Force, Int'l Human Rights Cmte • Cleveland native/partisan, runner • Philadelphia 🚅 Harlem 🗽 New Haven


Research: Knowing Machines Project
Professor, USC Annenberg
Sn Principal Researcher, MSR NYC


Associate Professor in Digital Rights & Regulation at University College London (), Faculty of Laws.
Not resigned to today's technological power structures (yet). Researching at the intersection of emerging technologies, law and policy; data protection; machine learning; PETs and cryptographic infrastructures; platform and infrastructural regulation. 🏳️‍🌈

administrating a small exoplanet in the fediverse :loading:.


Fired from Google for raising issues of discrimination in the workplace and writing about the dangers of large language models:

Founded The Distributed AI Research Institute:

Come to our virtual 1st year anniversary celebration on Dec 2nd & 3rd. RSVP here:


Public Interest Technologist at . Core team member of @torproject and Core developer of . Fellow and director at Python Software Foundation. Fedora developer :fedora: , digital security trainer helping out journalists/activists/whistleblowers.


information science prof at university of colorado boulder, social computing / tech ethics researcher, exceptionally minuscule tiktok star, fangirl / geek, she/her


Internet, telecoms, and tech lawyer, at English law firm

Fellow of the Society for Computers and Law.

Linux / FOSS. Networks. Necromunda. Bicycles.

Puns. Terrible puns.


Most posts delete automatically after one week.


I have a photography challenge where I take photos of each of my books with a coffee. Also, I teach media theory at , & media politics at . Researching legal & social impacts of new forms of at Centre for Media Transition, . Also also, I am the Faculty of Law HDR student representative for 2023.


Computer science academic at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Currently participating in the #UCURising industrial action at UK universities and may post about this. May also post about technology, law, ethics, privacy, Singaporean food, 90s music and running. I am experimenting with administrating my own instance, so apologies in advance for when things break.


Legislative drafter. “Rules as Code”, computational law, formal logic, declarative logic programming. Project in Jersey’s Legislative Drafting Office from 2023 to mark up draft legislation to make its logical structure computer-readable - to be published as free & open source, updating for amendments, for developers to use in apps that need a consistent feed.

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